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About us

JOIN ANG LIVING VINA CO., LTD. Is the predecessor of JOONG ANG LIVING SASH KOREA CO., LTD., Operating from 2013 to 2017 due to the development demand in the door industry such as:

  • UPVC steel plastic door
  • ABS door
  • Fire doors
  • Anti-theft door, anti-mosquito

In addition, we also provide products such as:

  • PVC Plastic Products
  • Locks and accessories
  • Types of automatic lock, smart lock

Our exclusive system of products with 100% imported materials directly from Korea with professional technical staff trained directly by experts and engineers from Korea. Our products are available in international market such as: Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia ... ..

With the goodwill of cooperation and development together with the diversified products and services, the most competitive products with unique, safe and high quality have excellent resistance with non-corrosive chemical reaction. and transformed by temperature, sea breeze, salt, ...

The product is used for all civil and industrial construction. We always want to cooperate and be a reliable partner of organizations, enterprises and individuals who need to use products supplied and installed by JOONG ANG LIVING VINA.

Since all of them, we believe that your company and business will be satisfied. JOIN ANG LIVING VINA CO., LTD is looking forward to be your current and future partner with partners all over Vietnam.


general manager

Kim Jae Won