Introduction fire doors


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Introduction fire doors

In recent years, the speed of urbanization has been increasing rapidly, and the population in big cities has been increasingly crowded, so a series of high rise apartments and apartments have been built to meet the needs of the people. weak. However, living in condominiums people face the constant fear of fire safety.

According to the TCVN 6160: 1996 on the design requirements for fire prevention and suppression of tall buildings issued by the Ministry of Construction, the use of fire-fighting equipment as prescribed is one of the compulsory factors prior to construction was put into use. At present, many high-end apartments enhance fire protection solutions by using fire-proof materials such as: Fire resistant doors, fireproof interior materials, lightweight concrete, lightweight fire bricks ... The use of materials This helps to minimize economic losses and ensure safe time for evacuation and relief work in time. Therefore, for construction works, in addition to the construction standards of the Ministry of Construction, the fire safety elements for special homes are paid attention.