Advanced aluminum doors provide beautiful views of the villa


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Advanced aluminum doors provide beautiful views of the villa

Modern glass doors are the result of technological advancements in the field of construction.
The villa is from the past to be the model of high-class housing with public space for the whole family, private space for each member and garden corner to relax and rest.
Therefore, the architecture of the villa will be designed to bring into full play the values ​​that the villa model can bring home living space.
Today, with the development of technology in the building materials industry, the application of materials to optimize the functions of the design of the villa. One of the materials that many architects appreciate is the high-grade aluminum doors for private homes.
With advanced aluminum, architects can completely design glass door systems with a wide aperture that conventional aluminum can not do because of weak texture. This glass door system solution creates a nice view of the villa.
Another surprise, if everyone thought aluminum doors were only suitable for modern architectural styles, now that mansions have used aluminum doors, many have realized that This material can perfectly fit into the style of semi-classical architecture.

Advanced aluminum doors for beautiful views of the villa. Aluminum doors can perfectly blend with wood materials in a semi-classical architectural style.
Mr. Le Manh Chieu's villa in Thai Nguyen city has an L-shape design built on an area of ​​700m2, which is a typical example of efficiency between design and application. suitable building materials.
Architect Le Phuong Bang - Deputy Director of Construction Planning Institute of Thai Nguyen talk about the idea when he designed the villa for Mr. Le Manh Chieu as follows: "Usually when the design of real estate I often determine how to Create open space and create good visibility towards the outside. In such a way, we need to create a core space for the whole building, so that all the space structures in the house can be opened up to the outside view. In addition, I have to base the direction of the house to design the appropriate. With Mr. Chieu's house with 2 sides following the North West and Tay Nam, if not calculated, the house will be absorbed heat and keep the heat all day causing stuffy and hot. Therefore, I have come up with a solution "breathing space" so that the house always keep the air cool.

Architect Le Phuong Bang - Vice Director of Planning Institute of Thai Nguyen

The villa of Mr. Chieu's family was built on 700m2 of land

From the living room, dining room to the corridor of the villa are flooded with natural light thanks to the system of glass aluminum doors.

Beside architectural solution, the solution of materials is also interested in the design of the material from his design drawings. Architect Le Phuong Bang added: "The villa I designed is located on 700m2 area with 2 frontage with a very large garden system, the owner also asked to observe and all natural elements. The outside must contribute to the inner. Therefore, the door system must be wide. I used the latest technology of aluminum Technal to achieve that factor, while fighting the harshness of the weather, while observing the outside. After more than a year using this door system for my villa, the owner was very satisfied. "

As a prestigious architect, Mr Bang has designed many works in Thai Nguyen province, including the impressive and impressive villa of Dang Phong Lan built on 1500m2 land. The similarity between Chieu's and Lan's mansion is that high quality aluminum and glass materials have been effectively applied by architect Le Phuong Bang to their designs.

Dang Phong Lan's beautiful villa with two independent blocks but there is a connecting path, combined with swimming pool creates luxury beauty for the whole villa

The glass aluminum door system continues to promote its role in capturing natural light into the living room